Wood-fire ovens and pizza have been in existence since the dawn of known civilization. Discoveries of brick ovens have been made in the excavations of several ancient cultures. Today they are as commonplace in Italy as the BBQ grill is in the United States.

The crunchy toppings, the subtle smoky flavor, the evenly crisp crust of a wood-fire oven pizza make it highly desired pizza lovers.  The difference between wood-fire oven pizza and regular oven pizza is evident with just one bite, but what are the specifics behind why it tastes so great?

There are many benefits of pizza made in a brick oven which cannot be duplicated in a conventional oven:

 – Rapid cook times of the open flame ensures the pizza never becomes soggy, and pizzas can be made to order quickly.

– Better crust, cooked by radiant heat, is possible as it crisps the outside of the pizza very quickly, sealing in any moisture allowing for flavorful crust that is both puffy and crisp.

– Unique flavors achieved with wood-fire ovens can not be reproduced in a conventional pizza kitchen. The cheese does not burn, but benefits from quick high heat by taking on a smoky rich color and deep flavor.

– Crispier toppings is by for the most evident difference as you take your first bite.  No soggy onions or overcooked peppers found here. Less vitamin and nutrient loss is an added benefit with a wood-fire oven’s quick cooking methods as well.

– Efficient and economical, using simple cooking methods associated with a wood-fire oven is ideal when it comes to flavorful pizza and other Italian staples.  From roasted peppers, to breads, pizzas to chicken wings, a wide variety of cooked-to-perfection dishes are produced with wood-fire oven’s high and rapid heat.

The unique flavor achieved by our wood-fire oven is what we like to call, our pride and joy.  Combine our special wood, our seasoned oven, fresh ingredients and favorite flavor combinations, then pair with our beer of the month, you have a truly unique meal to call your new fav.  Never tried a Woody’s Wood-Fire pizza? Come taste what you’ve been missing. Drive thru, dine in our try our buffet for a taste of wood-fire oven perfection.

Woody’s Wood-Fire Pizza Bar and Oven, located on Route 66 in Joplin, MO is oven 7 days a week, 11am to 10pm. 

See our menu of delicious items, have Woody’s cater your next pizza party, or treat the office by having a Woody delivered for lunch.